Attractive Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas over Sleek Countertop

The fully equipped kitchen must have complete utensils and equipment inside. To keep it in organize way, you really need to install clever kitchen cabinet with exact classification. You need to differentiate any utensils and appliances, so you will not find difficulty when cooking. It is so great for adding a partition in a cabinet for classifying any small stuff and goods. Beautify your kitchen cabinet with various paint color scheme. You may remodel the kitchen easily by changing the kitchen cabinet paint.

I will discuss some of them. First lovely image presents contemporary rustic open plan kitchen design for small space with extensive painted green cabinetry system. The cabinet is combined over the white backsplash along with under countertop placement.

There is huge chimney extractor fan added with ionizer integrated with the green cabinet. Other mesmerizing image presents rustic open plan kitchen design with L-shaped dark green cabinet feats glass cabinet door. The green color scheme creates freshness and eco-friendly character.

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