Compact Wine Cellar Storages Ideas built in Kitchen Flooring Plan

In this article, I would like to talk about compact wine cellar storages ideas built in kitchen flooring plan. As you can see below, there are many pictures show inspirational kitchen designing ideas with compact wine storages. Hopefully, you can be inspired after seeing these pictures below. I will discuss some pictures below. There is a picture that grabs my attention. The picture is showing ultra modern open kitchen interior design on luxurious marble nude flooring plan.

This kitchen is decorated with upholstered kitchen island with a white sleek countertop. There is a compact laminate wooden panel with sophisticated microwave built in overlooking with high-tech refrigerator with a steel door.

At behind of this panel, there are well-organized wine storages covered by a transparent glass wall. The wines are put horizontally in the perfect layout. Kitchen island has integrated function with table bar, so it looks so proper with wine storages aside.

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