Eco-Friendly Kids Playroom Design on Wooden Flooring Plan

Kids playroom includes as one of an additional part in a home. You should make it if you live in a large home. Show your love to children by making exciting kids playroom contains entertain toys and kid craft like shown in images below. If you live in a small home, you can integrate playroom with kids bedroom. For me, wooden flooring plan is such a good idea as the base of the indoor playground because it is eco-friendly and not harmful.

You may equip parquet with a large area rug for providing warm flooring base. I will discuss some images of them below. First amusing image presents mid-century modern kids playroom design with upholstered beige sofa below panel for sticky notes.

This room has three tones wall paint color which are sage green, fresh light blue, and wide chalkboard. There are small hanging bay windows without a curtain in this room. Large dark gray area rug surrounds the flooring base overlooking with a traditional teak coffee table.

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