Modern Sliding Bathroom Glass Door as Elegant Entrance

The bathroom is one of a confidential area in a home since it includes as a sanitary room. This room has a responsibility of our hygiene level. As you probably already know, healthy body can be gained by clean lifestyle. We will always use the bathroom every day, so we need to decorate it perfectly to be passionate when taking a bath. One way to make it more attractive is installing glass door as bathroom entrance.

I will discuss some images of them. First, appealing image presents contemporary all white bathroom design over concrete flooring plan. This bathroom has free standing elliptical bathtub below standing stainless steel faucet.

At the left side of a bathtub, there is purple sliding glass door for the shower space entryway. The glass door is made of purple frosted glass material, so it looks so classy and extraordinary. Plenty of sunshine comes toward this room from rectangle skylight. By this skylight and glass door, the bright natural lighting can be adjusted since it is reflected.

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