Restoration Hardware Shower Curtain Ideas Covering Pedestal Bathtub

Have you seen these images below? What do you think about them? Are you inspired? I hope so. Now, I want to talk about bathroom interior design with bathtub and shower curtain. For me, shower space should be covered well, so the occupant’s privacy kept. According to the images below, there are many kinds and types of shower curtain in various bathroom design theme that you can observe in detail way. I hope that you can get a load of inspirations after seeing these images below.

I will discuss some images below. First, appealing image shows amusing bright half bathroom interior design with free standing elliptical bathtub below modular curved steel railing. The railing is equipped with a decorative ethnic patterned blue shower curtain in natural bright lighting concept.

Other charming image shows minimalist modern master bathroom design with elliptical fix bathtub covered with white silk shower curtain in plain gray wall paint color. There are contemporary brown wall pictures to boast high-end state of the art.

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