Stunning Bay Window Design Ideas features Simple Drapery on Iron Railing

Have you seen these images below? After seeing them, I hope that you gain strong willing to remodel your window to be more attractive. Every home must be equipped with windows since it has particular functions such as air ventilation and skylight. Window spends much space in home ideas so it is so great to design it well. In this article, I would like to talk about stunning bay window design ideas features simple drapery on iron railing. I will discuss some of them.

First captivating image presents mid century neutral living room interior design with natural tones embracing. This room has upholstered decorative floral couch beside a simple teak coffee table. The couch is in front of the huge bay window covered with brown drapery.

There are two types of end tables which are round teak table and square table. There are small table lamps with white shades on the top of table. For giving eco-friendly character, there are greenery potted houseplants beside table lamps.

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