Stunning Brick Patterned Backsplash Ideas below Mounting Cabinet

Kitchen backsplash is an efficient way to beautify kitchen simply. By adding decorative pattern and luminous surface on the backsplash, your kitchen will be attractive and lovely. As I know that backsplash is characterized with glossy and water resistant material, so it will be easy to clean the stain left on backsplash when cooking. I will discuss some inspirational images of them.

First charming image presents mid century open plan kitchen interior design in all white color scheme. This kitchen has an extensive kitchen island with high gloss furnished hardwood countertop.

The island is combined with open storages below the countertop. Over the island, there is glossy white backsplash in a brick pattern. Mounting cabinet wall unit has sliding lucite glass cabinet door along with plain beige wall aside. Other stunning image shows Mediterranean dramatic kitchen design with rustic brick backsplash. Premium cabinetry system is installed over the backsplash overlooking with glass cabinet door.

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