Inspirational Creative Pumpkins for Simple Halloween Decoration

You can create Halloween theme with creative pumpkins displays in your house.I think using pumpkins can make your home looks frightening yet little bit cute. Pumpkin faces in Halloween are filled with candles inside, so the pumpkin face looks alive. Celebrating Halloween is kind of habit in United States. They will celebrate Halloween by decorating their house well. As we know, Halloween is identical with pumpkins; it must be pumpkins display at home when celebrating Halloween.

There is a picture that shows nice Halloween theme displays. It is lots of pumpkins and black coffee set displayed on the ordinary shelves. The pumpkins have many face shape, so it looks so creative.
There is another picture shows other function of Halloween pumpkin. The pumpkin is cut half then make a hole inside. The hole can be filled with ice and bottles of drinks. It gives inspiration for having creative and cheap Halloween displays.

You can also make half of pumpkin to a bowl. You can pour a hor soup inside empty spaces of half pumpkins. For having a different accent in using pumpkin, you can paint them with white colors and then draw some pattern on the pumpkin’s surface.

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