Stunning Stairs Furniture Ideas for Vertical Home Architecture

Living in small house is not a choice; it may be the consequence in living the life. We cannot always get what we want yet we may get what we need. Having multiple floors in small space house is a good solution, yet you have to think carefully about the stairs position. By living in small house, you can be more creative in decorating your house since you have to optimize space in your house. In this article, I want to discuss about stunning stairs furniture ideas for vertical home architecture.

One kind of minimalist stairs is curve stairs or spiral stairs. By having spiral stairs, you will not waste many spaces so you can use other spaces. You can make contemporary straight stairs but you make other room under or beside stairs.

I recommend you for using monotone color between stairs, staircase, and shelves. You can also put bookshelves beside the staircase. It looks good and nice because you can have stylish shelves under your minimalist stairs.

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